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Short adventure games with different levels of English and help with difficult words. Some games with pictures, some with text only. Vocabulary games to help you remember words from the adventure games. Also, a few stories and other activities.


Both the low and middle level versions of Vocabulary.Push can now be played with English, German, Spanish and Japanese word matches.

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Vocabulary Exercises

English Practice

If you are learning English you should practise what you have learned as often as possible. Do this any way that you can. Reading English books/comics/magazines, talking to friends, emailing people, watching movies, listening to music, and of course, surfing the internet! The online adventure games on this site are another way to relax and spend a few minutes on the web practising English.

English Study

Games are a great way of learning English. Adventure games use lots of text and are very good for improving your reading and writing skills. You will also improve your grammar just by seeing the rules you have studied being used in a variety of situations. Also, in games it is often necessary to repeat the same action many times so any English you use to do this will be easier to remember.

English Games

The games and activities on this site have three levels: low (yellow), middle (green) and high (blue). If you see a violet background, that means it's a very high level that should even challenge native speakers. Try all the versions of "If you go down in the woods today..." It's the same adventure but using different levels of English to say (generally) the same thing. After you finish, try the vocabulary questions that test you on words from the game. "A Day at the Beach", "Escape from Simian Island" and "King of the Castle" are text adventure activities that help advanced, intermediate and beginner ESL/EFL students understand the English in the games by providing vocabulary hints.

"The Sage's Apprentice" is a short adventure game with pictures and a conversation system. Win by talking to people, finding secrets and making choices. The English is of intermediate level, and you can move your mouse over the text to get help with the meaning of difficult words.

"Vocabulary.Push" is a simple action game that helps you learn words from the English help systems in other games. The help systems are for words than might be difficult, so the level of vocabulary in Vocabulary.Push is higher than the general level of English in the games from which they were taken. Please also note that although it can be played on your phone, the controls are MUCH EASIER if you play on a computer with a keyboard. There is some multilingual support. The word lists can be played with English, German, Spanish or Japanese hints. Apologies to speakers of other languages, please enjoy playing the English-English version for now.

It is even possible for English speakers, native or otherwise, to use Vocabulary.Push "backwards" and learn some words from other languages.